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Первая тема: Raising Capital: How the Lean-Startup Method Can Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

Первый спикер: Kellee Franklin, Founder of Mindful Innovation Labs

Kellee Franklin is passionate about big ideas and disrupting the status quo. She has helped numerous clients across industries dream more, think differently, drive change, and produce better business outcomes through her creative consulting approaches. Kellee was a strategic innovation advisor with Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington DC and Seattle where she integrated the use of business intelligence, data analytics and visualization, and design-and-systems thinking to facilitate transformation for senior level executives in the public and private sectors. She was instrumental in expanding the footprint in the Pacific Northwest within the core market areas of Global Health, Global Security, Aerospace/Defense, and Cyber Security/Information Technology before launching her own consulting practice. After her own battle with breast cancer in 2013, Kellee has become a recognized advocate for health systems innovation, patient-centered engagement, and precision medicine.

Kellee is a sought-after public speaker and she has served as a member of a TEDx salon speaker selection committee. She has been a scholarship recipient to the Wisdom 2.0 conferences for her entrepreneurial work in mindful business. Kellee has used her adult learning expertise to redesign classroom experiences for graduate and executive-level education programs in the United States, including at Seattle University and the University of Washington, and Thailand. She is an advisory board member at Seattle University’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center and a conscious business mentor with Fledge at the Seattle-HUB. Kellee enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling to new places, watching sports, taking in an Indie film, and solving the world’s problems over a good meal.

Kellee holds a Ph.D. in Human Development with an emphasis in Organization Behavior from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Вторая тема: Assessing Regulations and Laws

Второй спикер: Robert Cantrell, Founder of Strategy Innovators LLC and Registered Patent Agent at Jimenez IP Law

Robert Cantrell is registered patent agent and innovation coach with experience as an inventor, an intellectual property strategist, and a leader of patent research and analysis teams.

He worked in-house at Walmart legal to support patent prosecution, licensing, and litigation and now work as outside counsel. Robert supports inventors from the inception of ideas to the drafting, filing, and prosecution of patent applications, tapping into my own experience as an inventor on more than one hundred and fifty patent applications in drones, store robotics, data management, artificial intelligence, blockchain, packaging, and transaction security. He is an expert on principles of inventing and technology evolution from which to account both for where the state-of-the-art is and where it will likely be.

Extensive work in innovation sciences allows Robert to look horizontally across many technology disciplines to raise the quality and quantity of inventions produced by innovation teams and, from the results, to draft highly comprehensive patent filings.

Innovation | Patent Drafting | Patent Prosecution | Patent Portfolio Building | Strategic Planning | Leadership | Innovation Workshop Facilitation | Public Speaking | IP Training Curriculum Design | Continuous Improvement | Risk Mitigation | Emerging Technologies | Proposal Drafting | Business Development | Technology Strategy | Team Building | Documentary Filmmaking | Scriptwriting

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